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When Connie Silverstein agreed to babysit her friend’s four-year-old son, she never dreamed it would end in disaster. Now the usually dependable medical student finds herself responsible for the boy’s near drowning and subsequent brain damage.

Connie is desperate to help the boy recover, but the grieving mother no longer trusts her. Consumed by guilt, Connie attempts to deaden her pain with alcohol. But there’s not enough vodka in the world to right the wrong she’s done. Family and friends attempt to intervene in her downward spiral, assuring her that tragic accidents can happen to anyone.

But only Connie knows the terrible secret that what happened was no accident.

How I write


Suspense is the thing. Whether serious or humorous I aim to keep you on the edge of your seat or falling off it laughing. A reviewer recently compared my writing to Elmore Leonard's.  I took that as a great compliment  I'm not big on writing profanity, though.  I don't like reading it, so I don't write it. Same goes for explicit  sex scenes. They're just not my thing.  Oh, some of my characters are undoubtedly sexy  but they're never raunchy. 

My latest humorous thriller is Dupes-A-Navy. It's the sequel to Oops-A-Navy.  It's about two wacky Navy SEALs. Check it out by clicking the FUNNY THRILLERS tab up top. Oops-A-Navy is only 99 cents. 

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And don't miss my blog! Click on BLOG at the top. Latest offering is "My car is trying to kill me!" (It's a true story.) 

Check out some of the Amazon reviews for Oops-A-Navy. 

‘Laugh-Out-Loud Fecklessness’—Mallory A. Haws: The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

‘Laugh out loud funny…’—Cleocutie

‘…laugh out loud funny.’—The Wellness Lady

‘…laugh out loud.’—Sheri A. Wilkinson

‘…laugh out loud.’—Saundra Wright

‘…laugh out loud.’—Laniann

‘Grab this book for a “laugh out loud” experience.’—Morgan’s Musings

‘If you are ready to laugh…this is the book for you.’—BobTheElder

‘…leaves you in stitches.’—Jennifer Soppe

‘Totally irreverent. I loved the idea of a SEAL who seems more concerned with his dental hygiene than the success of the mission.’—Godiva 2000

‘Book was funny, and crazy. My husband would look at me sometimes because I would be laughing. Recommend.’—teresa

‘…will have you laughing so hard your cheeks will ache.’—escritora

‘Got a stomach cramp from laughing. Love the book to no end.’—Denice

‘I loved it! I felt silly at times, chuckling out loud following the zany activities of a couple of knuckle-heads. I knew people like this when I was in the Navy. Give me more!’—Amazon Customer

‘By the second page I was hooked. He is so funny.’—Carolyn T

‘Gregg Bell is one of the funniest authors that I have ever read!’—L. Bakke

‘Gregg Bell is a blast. This book is a blast.’—Ron N Bee

‘I always enjoy a well-written book by an author who has just as twisted a sense of humor as I do! You HAVE to Read This!!’—Shannon

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