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It’s de-SEALed Navy SEAL partners Shelby Ryder and Earl Bernstein’s third mission, second opportunity to be re-SEALed and first chance to do something right. Oh, they’ve been in trouble with the government before, but this time if they fail, they’ll face a firing squad.

The mission is simple enough. A key ally of the president of the United States has been murdered by the Dark Cowboy, a mysterious figure holed up in the Arizona mountains, and the president gives Shelby and Earl a deadline to bring him back to Washington dead or alive.

So, off the dedicated, if somewhat trigger-happy, pair venture into the sun-scorched, spooky Superstition Mountains, where they encounter dehydration, ghosts and just about everything but the Dark Cowboy. Now with time running out and the firing squad imminent, they realize they’ll have to use more than their weaponry to complete the mission. They’ll have to rely on their wits.

In other words, things don't look good.

What readers are saying about Yippee Ki Yay-A-Navy:

‘One helluva good time’—Deb H.

‘This is one of the funniest books I have ever read.’—Voracious reader Jodi

‘Get ready for another fun-filled Navy deSEALed adventure!’—Saundra Wright

‘Laugh out loud funny. You’ll be in the middle of a gunfight and suddenly start laughing.’—Kindle customer

‘They’re so trigger-happy, determined and hilarious’—Jerri

‘Delightful chaos…Light-hearted and entertaining, this is the perfect read for when life gets overwhelming.’—Mindy H


‘…hilarious laugh-out-loud adventure (don’t forget the tissues and incontinence pads!)’—Rosemary56


‘the best book in the series’—Laniann

‘a book not to be read in bed—hubby doesn’t enjoy being woke up with me laughing.’—KarenE

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I can’t imagine how their power to make any situation worse will manifest next…’—Cynthiareads

‘fun and fabulous…They struck a blow for truth, democracy and medical marijuana.’—Molly G. Hamblin

‘Laughs, laughs and more laughs! So take a walk on the wild side and enjoy this book.’—Kgreer

image of oops-a-navy book cover

She thought he was neurotic. He thought she was psychotic. The Navy thought they were the perfect pair.

Shelby Ryder is a loose cannon. A Kansas farm girl, she became a Navy SEAL to avenge her parents, who were killed on vacation when a Russian sub torpedoed their catamaran. Earl Bernstein, from Chicago, became a SEAL to get away from his over-protective parents. Earl’s the sensitive type. He writes poetry and worries about his teeth enamel eroding.

The Navy thought by pairing them together they would balance each other out. They were wrong.

After brushes with the law and staying just this side of sanity, Shelby and Earl are on the verge of being de-SEALed. Now they’ve been given one last chance to redeem themselves.

It’s a simple enough mission: they’re tasked with finding a United States senator who disappeared in Cuba while playing golf. But then one day the president tweets that the Russians are responsible, and things get perilous in a hurry. Soon it becomes clear—if Shelby and Earl don’t get the senator back, the situation will escalate into a nuclear war. So into the steamy Cuban jungles filled with snakes, spies and a German tuba band, the pair ventures, breaking every rule of civilized behavior known to man as they desperately try to find the senator before the missiles fly or Earl runs out of anti-cavity rinse.  

What readers are saying about Oops-A-Navy:

'Laugh-Out-Loud Fecklessness’—Mallory A. Haws: The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

‘Laugh out loud funny…’—Cleocutie

‘…laugh out loud funny.’—The Wellness Lady

‘…laugh out loud.’—Sheri A. Wilkinson

‘…laugh out loud.’—Saundra Wright

‘…laugh out loud.’—Laniann

‘Grab this book for a “laugh out loud” experience.’—Morgan’s Musings

‘If you are ready to laugh…this is the book for you.’—BobTheElder

‘…leaves you in stitches.’—Jennifer Soppe

‘Totally irreverent. I loved the idea of a SEAL who seems more concerned with his dental hygiene than the success of the mission.’—Godiva 2000

‘Book was funny, and crazy. My husband would look at me sometimes because I would be laughing. Recommend.’—teresa

‘…will have you laughing so hard your cheeks will ache.’—escritora

‘Got a stomach cramp from laughing. Love the book to no end.’—Denice

‘I loved it! I felt silly at times, chuckling out loud following the zany activities of a couple of knuckle-heads. I knew people like this when I was in the Navy. Give me more!’—Amazon Customer

‘By the second page I was hooked. He is so funny.’—Carolyn T

‘Gregg Bell is one of the funniest authors that I have ever read!’—L. Bakke

‘Gregg Bell is a blast. This book is a blast.’—Ron N Bee

‘I always enjoy a well-written book by an author who has just as twisted a sense of humor as I do! You HAVE to Read This!!’—Shannon

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